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about tosin king james 2James is a dramatist, screenplay writer, an experienced journalist, talk show host, and producer. He began writing when he was 12 and has had professional experiences in every genre of the literary arts. He distinguished himself in college as a playwright and administrator, going on to work in radio, television, advertising, banking, and publishing.

Privately, he has been a keen researcher, student, and teacher of practical spirituality.

He was born into the Pentecostal church by parents who were both Christians but had been born Moslems, converting after marriage. His father, James Snr, was a mystic versed in African, Islamic, and Christian traditions. Elizabeth Sarat, his mom, was an exemplary lover of Christ who had been blessed with conscious journeys into the Heavens a few times while alive.

Early in life, James was baptized by the Holy Spirit during a Holy Ghost convention; he saw and was bathed by the Golden Fire and heard the silent Voice of God. This marked a turning point in his spiritual quest for The Word, which had begun while in the fourth grade.

He subsequently prayed, worshipped, and studied with several spiritual groups and bodies including Islam, Krishna Consciousness, Grail Movement, The Assemblies of God, the Catholic Church, The Apostolic Church, Deeper Life, Aetherius Society, and Eckankar.

He looks forward to being a cheerful servant of life, like the Saints, Guardian Angels, and Masters, who have taught him so much.

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